You Did Your Best

Today, I did my best.

Of course, I didn’t make it to the gym, and the kids watched too much TV. Only one of the three got baths. Oh, and the baby only had like two carrots with his dinner.

But I did my best. I called and made the necessary dentist appointments. I accomplished a lot of some work. I played games with the kids.

Maybe I should have done better. But I did my best.

Every day, we do our best. The days we knock it out of the park and the days we hardly get out of bed, we do our best.

Some days, your best is making Pinterest worthy Halloween treats, putting away all the laundry and finding time for a manicure.

Other days, your best is binge watching Netflix while the kids destroy the house around you and everyone eats popcorn for dinner.

Both are okay.

I was so overly self-critical that I constantly beat myself up for not living up to my ideals.

My ideals are just that though, ideals. Can any of us truly live up to our ideals on a regular basis? Of course not. So why on earth do we condemn ourselves when we inevitably fall short?

You did your best today. 

Of course, you dropped a ball or two. You might be behind with work. You might’ve forgotten your son had practice, or you might have even forgotten your daughter at practice. Either way, take comfort in knowing you did your best.

You do your best every day. how to be a better mom

Oh, I know it doesn’t feel like it. Today didn’t feel like my best either. In fact, I can’t remember a day when I went to bed feeling like I did my best. The truth is, we do our best every day. We all do more than we want to. We give all we have to give. Sometimes, our cup is overflowing and we can lavish ourselves onto the world around us. Other times, our cup is nearly empty, and we only have a few drops left. Still, we give those drops. We give them to our spouses, our children, our colleagues and friends. We meet the friend who is having a harder time than we are. We pack the lunches even though we are tired. We prep for the meeting, probably more than we need to because we don’t feel secure enough in our profession. We give until we have nothing left, and we keep on giving.

Our ability to give our best makes us beautiful. Makes us compassionate. Makes us weary, but gives us strength.

Every day, you do your best. And your best is good enough. Rest knowing, that at the end of it all, doing your best is all you can do. It’s all any of us can do.

Give yourself grace, knowing you did your best today, and maybe tomorrow, your best will be even better.

Whatever your best looks like on any given day, it is good enough.


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