I Applied to Speak at Mom 2.0 Summit

Just a couple minutes ago, I hit submit on a proposal to speak at Mom 2.0 Summit. The opportunity share my heart with a group of inspiring women would be a dream come true.

I am not afraid of being rejected though. In all honesty, I would not be surprised if they didn’t select me. This is a well-known, well respected conference where Debbie Allen, Kristen Bell and Brené Freaking Brown are Keynote Speakers. Women less well known but far more experienced than I have spoken at past events. I won’t even be upset if they do not select me.

But, why not? Don’t I want to speak at Mom 2.0 Summit? 

Yes. Really bad. Like, it’s one of the things I want most right now.

I won’t be upset if I don’t get picked because I’m chasing my dreams. And there’s thrill in the chase. I know because while I felt uncomfortable as all get out before I submitted my proposal, once I saw this screen…speaking at mom 2.0 summit

A wave of joy crashed over me. I accomplished something tonight. I accomplished the seemingly impossible task of going after my dream. And let me tell you, the feeling of accomplishment is the same no matter the goal. I felt accomplished when I signed up for the moms softball league. I never made it passed 3rd base, and I may have been one of the worst on the team, but I felt AMAZING about having played. One, because playing was fun, and two, because I did something I wanted to do.

I tried out for a dance team earlier this year. I really wanted to be a part of it, but I didn’t make it. I didn’t feel bad though because I had accomplished my goal of going after something I wanted.

The thrill of chasing your dreams is equal to the thrill of achieving your dreams.

Make chasing your dreams your goal, and you will not fail, even if you don’t reach your goal. My goal was to apply. Fear stood in my way. I conquered my fear and followed my dream. That feels as good as if the Mom 2.0 were to people call (email?) and say, “Congrats, your proposal has been accepted!”

Does that make sense? Go after your dreams. You might not reach them. But you will feel so good about going after them, it won’t matter as much if you don’t achieve them.

Failure will not ruin the joy that comes with trying. 


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