Finding Joy in Unexpected Places

My husband stole a pig and it was just the relief we needed.

Things are hard here, y’all. I won’t get into what kind of hard, because it isn’t relevant. Things are hard in all different ways right now for so many people I know.

Marriage hard.
Money hard.
Parenting hard.
Aging parents hard.
Unemployment hard.
Illness hard.
Country is a dumpster fire hard.

If you’re one of those people, you might have to really look to find Joy.

You might have to get creative.

Sometimes Joy isn’t readily available, particularly when we are feeling sad. Joy doesn’t really like Sadness, as you recall from the literary masterpiece, Inside Out. If Sadness is at the control panel, Joy may not be there to see all the good things taking place in our life. So when she comes around, give her the reigns.

This time, Joy came to us in the form of a light up pig.

My husband’s good friend got married earlier this month. Since he was out of town prepping for his wedding then on his honeymoon, my husband did what any good friend would do.

He stole his Holiday Lawn Ornament.

joy at the holidays joy

During the week, Wilber went grocery shopping where had an existential crisis upon seeing packs of bacon. He picked up a 40 then hung out playing video games and making music. He also joined us for date night, paid his respects to baby Jesus and hit up a Christmas parade. 

We laughed so much we cried. We leaned in and embraced the ridiculousness of Wilber’s adventure.

Life is hard. We can do hard things. But we all need a break. When you are given the opportunity to experience Joy, do so with your whole heart.


Inhale. Exhale.

Let Joy overtake you when she shows up, even if it’s in small, simple ways like selfies with a holiday pig.



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