Tips for Clearing your Digital Clutter

I’m going to help you clear your digital clutter.

I’m sure I could find a way to tie these tips into my personal story. I could also connect your digital life to self-love. But that’s really not why I’m telling you about clearing the digital clutter. I want you to know how to clear your digital clutter because it will change your life!

If you…

  • Have Facebook friends you either don’t know, don’t care to know or don’t want to know
  • Are signed up for emails for items you only signed up for to get that one time discount
  • Still have emails from 10 years ago
  • Follow people on social media you have zero interest in
  • Have Pinterest boards for toddler birthday parties even though your “toddler” is in 3rd grade now
  • Keep running out of room on your phone because of the thousands of photos you’re storing
  • Have apps on your screen that you don’t even know what they are

Then you need a digital decluttering!!

I recently published an article for New Orleans Moms Blog detailing why you should declutter your digital life. It all boils down to, I feel better having done it, so obviously you will too. Or maybe you won’t, but it can’t hurt to try! Especially since I’m showing you how!

First, carve out some time.

The reason your digital life is out of control is partially because you don’t take time to keep it organized.


I’ve broken up your decluttering into three sections. You can declutter all at once, or take one section at a time. Or even, one specific area of each section. Whatever works for you!

Social Media


Unfriend: You don’t recall friending them? You can’t stand them? You wouldn’t say hi to them in person?


Unfollow: If you feel guilty, are worried about them causing drama or if they’re your racist uncle that you are obligated to be friends with in order to make Thanksgiving less awkward, use the unfollow button.
Unlike: Right now, Facebook has your LIKES in the “About” section of your profile. Of course, that could change any day given the way Facebook operates. Anyway, find your likes and unlike everything you aren’t actively interested in.
Leave Group: I love Facebook groups, and if you’re not in mine, I would love to have you join us. When I was planning our Disney trip (which was more affordable than you’d think since two of our three kids got in free), I joined all the Disney groups. I even created a Disney group. Now though, I don’t know if or when we’ll go back, so I needed to leave those groups. If you’ve been on Facebook for a significant amount of time, or if you have friends who are in the MLM industry, you’re in groups that no longer serve you. No need to say goodbye, just quietly slip out the back.


Delete: Start by sorting your emails “by unread” then going back to the last page of those. You probably won’t have to look at those twice to know they can be deleted. Work your way through until you have no unread emails. Some of you might be here for a while. If you’re one of the people on the right, you might  will absolutely need to dedicate some extra time for deleting your emails.

clear digital clutter
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File: The rest of the emails- file them away. Create folders such as “paid bills,” “work crap,”  “nostalgia” or whatever groupings work best for you. After you file all the ones you can, create a miscellaneous folder for the rest. You can also start by putting everything into that MISC folder (think of it as your emails junk drawer), then move only the important things out of said folder. Whatever works for you, which is a recurring theme around these parts.
Unsubscribe: Go on an unsubscribing spree! You don’t need those Children’s Place Rewards. You can unsubscribe from that website you signed up for just to get the “free” download. It’s not free- it’s costs you space in your inbox.


how to digital declutter
How did I manage this?

Apps: Step 1. Delete. Those free apps you downloaded and don’t use, delete them. Don’t delete apps you paid for unless you know for sure you won’t need them ever again (think pregnancy weekly app and you had your tubes tied). We’re trying to clear clutter, not throw away money here. Step 2. File. Create folders for your social media, finances, health and wellness, games, and old faithful- miscellaneous.

Photos: For the love of all that is holy, delete photos you don’t need. The blurry ones. The duplicates. The ones that came from your child getting a hold of your phone. The ones you aren’t even sure how you managed to take them. Delete, delete, delete.

And that’s all I’ve got. I can tell you, decluttering my digital life lightened me in ways I didn’t know possible. I can’t recommend it enough. Obviously, take what you can from this post and leave the rest. Modify the decluttering process in a way that makes the most sense to you. If you do a digital decluttering, let me know how it goes and how you feel. I’d love to know!

how to clear digital clutter



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